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Sanming High and Medium Pressure Valve Co.Ltd.
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Sanming High and Medium Pressure Valve Co.Ltd.(formerly Fujian Province Sanming High and Medium Pressure Valves Factory) is a state-owned holding company remanufactured according to state policy. Established in 1958 and affiliated to China Chemical Engineering Group Corporation China Chemical Engineering Equipment General Corporation,it is a manufacturing unit which specializes in the production of various kinds of high and medium check valves,butterfly valves,ball valves,control valves,high-temperature high-pressure power station valves,nuclear power ground-piercing valves,special purpose alkali-making corner valves,metallurgy eye glass valves and outlet valves,which are widely app;ied to industries such as petroleum,chemical engineering,power station,metallurgy,pharmacy,supply and discharge of water,paper making,construction.After forty years of development,the company has grown into a modern machinery manufacturing enterprise which integrates the R&D,manufacture,marketing and service of products.Its main advantage can be described in the following aspects:

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